What CrossFit Apparel Companies Are Out There?

There are many different CrossFit apparel companies out there, especially since the sport of fitness has started becoming more popular.

Obviously, there's Reebok, which is the brand that everyone thinks of now when CrossFit comes to mind. Ever since the two companies partnered up together, CrossFit has taken over the fitness realm.

Reebok has anything you can ask for when it comes to apparel. Shoes. Shirts. Shorts. Hoodies. Gym pants. For both men and women.

Another company is Rogue Fitness. Everything they have is made in America, so you know their stuff is of the highest quality. In addition to CrossFit apparel, they carry some of the best CrossFit equipment on the market. It's pretty obvious why they're the official supplier of gym equipment for the CrossFit Games.

Other CrossFit apparel companies that come to mind are Afro Brutality (they have some of the sweetest and most original designs out there), Manimal (really raw and gritty designs...love that stuff), Life As Rx, and Again Faster just to name a few.

Each company has a different style and vibe to their lineup of apparel, so you're bound to find one that matches your personality.

Names of CrossFit Apparel Companies